Nvidia GeForce Now comes out of beta: a rival for Stadia with a free plan now available to everyone.

The era of streaming video games has just begun, and Nvidia was not going to stay out of this revolution. In October of last year, we already announced the arrival of GeForce Now, a cloud gaming service that came to compete with platforms such as Google Stadia.

Nvidia GeForce Now comes out of beta
Nvidia GeForce Now comes out of beta

However, the company opts for a somewhat different approach, given that the catalogue of available games is formed by those titles already purchased on platforms such as Steam or Epic Games Store.

Now, Nvidia's GeForce Now has abandoned its beta phase and is now available to everyone. Among other things, it brings with it a free plan for those who want to check for themselves the operation of the platform before going to checkout and pay for the mode premium.

According to the company itself, during the several months of the beta of the platform, there have been more than 300,000 people who have spent more than 70 million hours playing GeForce Now titles, and the response from the community seems to have been More than positive.

That is why Nvidia has decided to open access to GeForce Now so that anyone can use the new streaming games service.

For starters, the company offers a free plan with some limitations, which will allow subscribers to play sessions of up to one hour.

Also, it is possible that in those hours of increased traffic, users of this mode have to wait until there are free gaps to be able to run their favourite titles.

The operation of Nvidia's GeForce Now is not very different from other platforms of this type: the games are run on servers equipped with GTX2080 graphics so that users do not require powerful equipment to play.

They have already been purchased previously in stores such as Epic Games Store and Steam. The catalogue of available titles can be, currently, more attractive even than Stadia, because we find titles popular as Fortnite, Dauntless, Rocket League or Cuphead among many others.

Another advantage of this platform is the support for ray tracing, Nvidia's technology that simulates the behaviour of light in real-time.

In addition to the free mode, Nvidia GeForce Now offers a payment plan of 4.99 dollars or 5.49 euros per month, which enables sessions of up to four hours and the ray mentioned above tracing technology.

In the case of choosing this modality, the users will obtain the title of Founders and will be presented with a trial period of three months. According to the company, the price of this premium plan is not final and will increase after one year since the launch of the platform.

As of today, GeForce Now is compatible with both Windows and Mac computers and Android smartphones.

However, the company says it intends to support other systems throughout the year, including ChromeOS tablets and workstations thanks to a web version based on WebRTC.

Later, Android TV and Android TV Box TVs will also be compatible, although a specific date for their arrival on these platforms has not been specified.


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