Hyper-realistic renderings and video: this is the closest you will be to a Samsung Galaxy Z Flip before its presentation.

Samsung already watches weapons for the Unpacked 2020. The South Korean giant has its next flagship warming up in the band. For the occasion by a mobile that will probably end up eclipsing it. The firm's second folding that will completely change the format to continue exploring.

Hyper realistic renderings and video: this is the closest you will be to a Samsung Galaxy Z Flip before its presentation.
Hyper-realistic renderings and video: this is the closest you will be to a Samsung Galaxy Z Flip before its presentation.

We talked about that Samsung Galaxy Bloom so vaunted in recent days. A code designation for its development that could finally be called Galaxy Z Flip and that will take over from a Samsung Galaxy Fold as attractive in its concept as doubtful in its functionality in the day today.

It seems clear that in this folding mobile, there is a lot of ground to travel. It is a new market, and you have to define your needs, so it was logical that Samsung studied other types of devices, leaving this time to a style more similar to that of Motorola RAZR. That was critically acclaimed.

The new Samsung mobile phone will be clamshell or shell, with a size more than comfortable when closed. A format similar to the current high-end when opening it Where a Dynamic Dynamic AMOLED Infinity-O panel will have prominence, with a hole in the screen for the internal camera.

And as they indicated from GizmoChina, we can now see its design with great detail thanks to the usual hyper-realistic renderings of the LetsGoDigital companions, who anticipate how the Galaxy Z Flip will be at least attending to the previous rumors.

Even in the images that recreate the second Samsung folding, that UTG screen with ultra-thin glass that we were told in recent days was taken into account.  A type of crystal so thin that it can bend without cracking, and that better protects the flexible panel that the plastic polymers used in the Galaxy Fold.

An increase in size is also expected concerning the Motorola option. A 6.7-inch screen deployed and all the power of the highest range of Samsung. I am adding a 10-megapixel camera in the hole mentioned above in the display.

The innovative Hideaway Hinge hinge that should be implemented by this Galaxy Z Flip has also been recreated, and that would be virtually invisible when we use the deployed smartphone. For now, we do not know what method Samsung will use for the locking mechanism.

Outside, a small screen will show notifications and allow you to interact with specific functions such as multimedia control or terminal status information. At the same time, the primary camera will use a dual-module with a sensor up to 108 megapixels and an LED flash, offering optical zoom 5x and another 12-megapixel sensor. _Obviously all this must be taken with tweezers.

There is also talk of a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855+ chipset instead of the new Snapdragon 865, which does not arrive on time, adding 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB of internal storage, Android 10 with One UI 2.0 and two 900 and 2,300 mAh batteries respectively.

A format undoubtedly more attractive than the one used in the Galaxy Fold, which does not solve problems that we do not have but adds comfort and versatility to a large-screen smartphone, in addition to trying for the first time glasses that can be folded.

There has always been a cost around 1,000 euros, much cheaper than in the case of the first-generation Galaxy Fold. Still, in this case, we will not have six cameras, the maximum memory capacity, or the very latest chipset generation. Attractive is always, or not?


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