Google starts 2020 with great news for movies and series fans.

The Mountain View giant continues to listen to the market to add features to its search engine, Google's original business that now wants to make movies, series, and television show lovers happy with a watchlist to natively incorporate tracking the Search for Google for Android.

Google starts 2020 with great news for movies and series fans.
Google starts 2020 with great news for movies and series fans.

We were told by fellow 9to5Google, saying that very soon we can maintain an observation or follow-up list to mark movies or series without leaving the search engine, whether we want to see them in the future or if we have already seen them.

A functionality available only on mobile devices, fortunately, both in the Google app for iOS and Android and from the web, and that is integrated into the Knowledge Panel card that we usually see when we look for a movie, a series, or a television program in Google.

Your watchlist of movies and series, directly on Google
As you will see, there are now more options among which are the "Get tickets" if the film is still on the billboard of the main cinemas, the selector "Have you seen it?" And the "Watchlist" mark, obviously in English in the image above, which will save us the content searched in our watchlist so that we can easily find it.

Now allow us also to save the content we want to see and that we have already seen without needing third-party applications or Multiple complicated lists to keep.

Our list of contents will appear in the "Collections" section like the rest of Google bookmarks, and we can also find it straightforwardly, searching Google for "My watchlist," which will give us access to the tab with All our saved content, poster and release date:

There is still no information on its global expansion, and only some users have had access to the new functionality with specific rebounds of the number of devices that are receiving it. Currently, in Spain, none of my Android devices allow me to save the multimedia content tracking list, so, for now, it will be time to continue waiting.

Some users report that there is no way to see a list of what you have marked as "already seen," although it is possible to uncheck content by clicking on the same option in the search panel.

Undoubtedly, it seems more optimization of the function of _ "Collections" _ than a watchlist to use, but good that Google continues to offer options to users ... Or not?


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