Best robot vacuum cleaners you can buy in 2020.

If you want to keep your home clean without too much effort, a robot vacuum cleaner can be the best companion. Equipped with sensors, they can recognize the different rooms, dodging obstacles, and cleaning everything they find in their path.

Best robot vacuum cleaners you can buy right now.
Best robot vacuum cleaners you can buy right now.

In the market we can find very different options, so we have come to help you. These are 2 of the best robot vacuum cleaners you can buy right now. Also, they belong to leading companies in the sector, such as Roomba and Conga.

Roomba's device is designed for descaling, vacuum, and trap all dirt found on the floor. Thanks to its sensor system, you can move efficiently through the rooms of your home, avoiding all kinds of obstacles.

Also, and as noted by the firm, thanks to Dirt Detect technology will be able to detect the busiest areas to place particular emphasis. To configure it, you will not have to make any effort; you just have to download its application, iRobot HOME, on your smartphone.

The Cecotec robot vacuum cleaner promises a professional 4-in-1 laser mapping. Not only does it vacuum, but it also sweeps, mop, and even scrubs the floor simultaneously. Your mixed tank, which has been prepared for solids and liquids, will allow you to do the job without problems. Also, you will have the possibility to choose between 3 power levels: echo, standard, and turbo.

It also has a system called Wash4You, which will serve to pass the mop and scrub just by putting the liquid reservoir. The robot itself will be responsible for cleaning the maximum possible meters, dosing the water intelligently. You can control all its functions easily from the application.


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