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That your portable battery gets hot will seem average thanks to this new gadget that Xiaomi sells.

It seems that Xiaomi liked that of joining different products with heating systems. After selling the jacket with built-in heating, we have learned that the Chinese manufacturer has released a portable battery that, attentively, also has heating so that you always have warm hands.

Unfortunately, this new portable battery does not have the right conditions of the latest version of the Mi PowerBank 3 of the same company, although the detail of the heating system is something that we can not ignore.

We introduce you to the Xiaomi Maoxin Retro Hand Warmer Power Bank, the ideal portable battery so that your hands do not freeze when you squeeze the cold.

Xiaomi sells a portable battery that also heats your hands.

After reaching 100 million power banks sold worldwide at the beginning of the year, since Xiaomi they have thought it is time to innovate with these mobile accessories. The fact of being a portable battery has fallen short, and the company has decided to add one more function to t…