The five businesses that seek to foster the digital economy in Guatemala.

Digital enterprises highlighted during the Guatemala Innovation Forum 2019 who are committed to promoting the country's digital economy with solutions that lead to the transformation of companies.

The five businesses that seek to foster the digital economy in Guatemala.
The five businesses that seek to foster the digital economy in Guatemala.

The National Competitiveness Program of Guatemala (Pronacom) carried out the third edition of the Guatemala Innovation Forum GIF 2019, with the participation of eight international speakers, ten workshops, and ten solutions focused on the development of the Digital Economy in the country.

Among the ten solutions that formed the Innovation Lab are described below five companies that seek to support both Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and large companies in achieving the digital transformation they need to grow their businesses.

AI Solutions: Marjorie del Cid, development manager, and co-founder, explained that they implement Artificial Intelligence in specific business processes such as online payments. Inventories, CRM, and CRP, join the customer service so that they can provide better service through virtual assistants in social networks and online through AI and Machine Learning. The solutions are delivered between 2 weeks to 2 months.

Empreinte: Julio Fernández, general director of the company, seeks to solve the problem of financing entrepreneurs through a crowdfunding platform that consists of attracting investment from different people who are interested in supporting the initiatives. In Guatemala, they have already endorsed seven various projects that are still receiving donations.

Aly ai: Marianne Springmuhl and Nery Guzmán, founders and José Rivers, operations manager of the company, created an Artificial Intelligence platform that finds the right customers and returns to the advertising agencies or SMEs which were the most appropriate messages depends on the niche of the market. Looks for new opportunities to sell the product and validates creative and value-added proposals to increase its sales. The founders of Aly ai are and Nery Guzman.

QPAYpro: Lorena Arteaga, account executive, explains that they offer an online payment platform for SMEs, entrepreneurs, or large companies that need to increase their sales by facilitating commerce as the customer can pay online no matter the time and country. Ensures that the platform is robust and has cybersecurity measures; the goal is for transactions to be carried out transparently and efficiently.

Martinexsa: Sergio Molina, Manager of Analytics, said that the digital economy is to make business processes more efficient and generate new business opportunities. Therefore, analyze detailed customer information and then guide them to make new decisions that allow them to predict behaviors or even new business ideas, products, or services.

Innovation changes are urgently needed.

"According to the World Economic Forum, it is essential to join efforts around the innovation ecosystem. And in the third edition of the GIF, we continue to link hundreds of people to generate significant changes that promote the development of Guatemala," said Francisca Cárdenas, executive director from Pronacom.

The 2019 edition was attended by Lars Silberbauer from Denmark, who is currently Senior Vice President of Viacom Digital Studios, better known as MTV, and who previously directed the digital success of the LEGO toy brand.

Lars, through his conference, Transforming your company for the digital era, gave a review of the importance of knowing different technological tools that help increase the value of brands and institutions in general.

The topics that were addressed were the impact of the digital revolution for the country, the role of energy services in the circular economy, myths and paradigms of digital transformation, the promotion of SMEs through Information and Communication Technologies ICT, among others.


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