Prevent your data from being stolen online.

More than half of consumers do not know how to prevent cybercrimes and do not take necessary security measures, according to the study "Cybercrime and its relationship with the consumer" by cxLoyalty.

Prevent your data from being stolen online.
Prevent your data from being stolen online.

Here we share some recommendations to take care of your data and information when shopping online during El Buen Fin.

Validate your device: before connecting to the network, be sure that your smartphone, tablet, or laptop is safe.

Update the device and browser, making sure you have the latest security patches.

Install an official security tool on your device and keep it updated.

Secure connections: Do not use open or "free" wireless networks to make online banking or payment transactions, as they may be capturing your browsing history.

Buy in official stores: do not accept offers or follow links that come to you by email or in internet browsing, a large number of these emails and links contain threats such as phishing in search of stealing information.

Identify the website: all pages and portals on the internet that accept payments must meet security standards such as secure browsing (HTTPS), most of the most used web browsers validate the page to know if it is reliable.

Pay attention to the address bar to identify if your navigation is still in the "official" portal of the online store.

It is also essential to read the online privacy notice.

Monitor your accounts: set alerts in your bank or payment system to receive notifications of each transaction. In this way, you can realize at the time of any irregular activity.

Close your session: users poorly execute this activity, usually when we have a business on a portal we only "close the browser"; however, we do not close the session on the entrance we accessed, be sure to do so.


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