An app wants to revive the click wheel of your old iPod.

An application developer for the iOS operating system is currently working on creating an app that would change your smartphone's display to look like a classic iPod, with its iconic click wheel, depending on how reports The Verge website.

An app wants to revive the click wheel of your old iPod.
An app wants to revive the click wheel of your old iPod.

Elvin Hu, a design student at Cooper Union College in New York, had the idea of ​​the application when he wrote a text on the evolution of the iPod for school.

I am a fan of Apple products since I was little. Even before my family could afford one, I drew the user interface of the iPhone on Ferrero Rocher boxes.

Apple products have greatly influenced my decision to choose the design as a career.

The wheel - completely digital this time - will have the same characteristics as that found on the classic iPod, with tactile feedback and original click sounds.

The click wheel first appeared with the very first iPod in 2001 and has been incorporated into several subsequent models, such as iPod Mini, Shuffle, and Nano.

The app also includes Apple's former Cover Flow feature, which allowed iPod owners to browse the iTunes library by scanning the covers of their favorite albums.

Even though the app should be ready for December, it is not confident that it will be on our phones anytime soon.

It will largely depend on Apple, which would have legitimate reasons not to approve it (patents and others), according to Hu.

If Apple decides to block the release of the application, Hu may think "make it available as a project open source, after seeing the response of the community."


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